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Declan Costello

Programming Progress – Django forms

Just before dinner and at the height of my frustration I figured out what was going wrong with my django form.

With some rudimentary form posting I can now update and edit my sample sentences as part of my application.

It’s actually the first time I’ve gotten user forms working with django so it was nice to break new ground and then go for dinner and a beer :)


Apart from coding, I’m also trying to keep reading useful content. I was emailed this by Andrew Warner of Mixergy.com, I’m on his list, it’s not like we’re friends or anything.

It’s an interview talking about how to co-create products with an audience so you develop exactly what they want and are eager to buy. Seems like a really clever approach that’s better for developer and customer – win win.

Periodic Table of TODO Progress –  is up to Boron


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  • Declan

    Also, one of the things I love about Mixergy is that they include transcripts of all the interviews, every site should do this. Much easier to scan through text and see exactly what information is important.